AL 101, 102 - Greek I
Elementary rudiments of the Greek language

AL 201, 202 - Greek II
Building on the fundamentals of Greek I
Prerequisite - AL 101, 102

AL 301, 302 - Greek III
Translation and parsing of New Testament Greek
Prerequisite - AL 201, 202

AL 403, 404 - Beginning Hebrew I & II
An introduction to the Hebrew language

Bi 101, 102 - Old Testament Survey
Bi 101 The writings of Moses
Bi 102 Joshua to Malachi

Bi 103, 104 - Doctrines I
A study of the basic doctrines of Scripture
Bi103 Inspiration, Separation
Bi104 Theology, the Godhead, Christology

Bi 105, 106 - Dispensations
A study of Dispensations from creation to the present
Biblical Chronologies will be examined each semester

Bi 201, 202 - New Testament Survey
A study of the life of Christ
Bi 201 The Gospels
Bi 202 Acts to Revelation

Bi 203, 204 - Doctrines II
A study of the basic doctrines of
203 Holy Spirit, man, sin, and salvation
204 Church, angels, last things

Bi 205, - Biblical Archaeology
A study of ancient and literary artifacts which pertain to the Bible

Bi 301 - Pastoral Epistles
I & II Timothy, Titus

Bi 302 - General Epistles, James, 1 & 11 Peter, 1, 11 & 111 John
A study of the life and letters of Paul, John, Peter, James

Bi 303, 304 - Doctrines III
A study of creation and its ramifications

Bi 305 - Romans
Exposition of Paul's letter to Rome

Bi 306 - I Corinthians
Exposition of Paul's letter to Corinth

Bi307 - Hebrews
Exposition of the book of Hebrews

Bi 400 - Doctrinal Thesis
Research and preparation of a thesis on an accepted doctrinal topic
Required for all B.S.Scr. candidates regardless of minor.

Bi 401, 402 A study of eschatology
Bi401 Daniel
Bi402 Revelation

Bi 403, 404 - Bible Manuscripts
An opportunity to consider basic truths relating to Bible translations
This includes a history and transmission of the Greek text

Bi 405 - Hermeneutics
The basic science of the interpretation of Scripture

CL 101 - Child Evangelism
A practical study of methods of winning children to Christ

CL 201 - Personal Evangelism
A study of the means of winning the lost to Christ

CL 203 - Christian Family
Dating, engagements, weddings, marriage, marital adjustments and problems, and rearing children as God has planned

CL 204 - Christian Ethics
A survey of contemporary social problems and the Biblical solutions to them

CM 301 - Cults
An introduction to proper interpretation of Scripture and the way various cults and heresies distort the Scripture, and an examination of various cults and their literature in the light of correct interpretation of Scripture

CM 401, 402 - Missions
A study of the trends and problems in missions

CH 101, 102 - Church History Survey
A survey of church history from Bible times to the present

CH 201, 202 - Reformation
A study of the men, the historical context, and the far-reaching effects of the Reformation

CH 301, 302 - Evangelical Revival in England
Considers the revival in England in the 18th century

CH 401, 402 - The Ecumenical Movement
Reviews and reflects the ecumenical movement of the 20th century

CA 301, - Baptist Polity
A standard study of Baptist distinctives

CA 401, 402 - Pastoral Theology
Responsibilities of a pastor in relation to God, the church, and people