Sou‘wester Exploration and Technology Inc.
specializes in environmental monitoring systems and wind resource services. The Company President and General Manager, Mr. Rick Corradini, has over 25 years of experience in the meteorology and oceanography sector at the management, research, environmental monitoring, operational forecasting and systems development level. Sou’wester has formed a network of expert resources, supporting the Wind Energy Industry primarily in Canada but also in locations around the world.

As a Project Team, the group has served both government and private sector clients supporting solar and wind site surveys for commercial, municipal, residential and alternate energy projects throughout Canada.

The Sou'wester Team of consulants provides expertise and knowledge of Wind Exploration and Forecasting Capability and is supported by  associates and specialists located across Canada.

Sou’wester is equipped to provide seamless service:  from Site Installation to establishing and maintaining a complete Corporate Monitoring Program.  Field activities and Site data collection are supported by remote communications systems tying the test sites through a communication network into a secure private site for each customer. Data is relayed and deposited into the secure repository fusing tower wind data, Environment Canada Auto Station data, and eventually, remote SODAR wind profiling data into a common database system.

Sou'wester is committed to supporting the Wind Energy Industry.  We recognize the value of developing a strong long-term relationship with our customers and, in fact, most current contracts are multi-year.